Head Strong
by Tony Buzan

Published by Thorsons

Reviewed by Lady Mary Tovey


This work by bestselling author Tony Buzan offers new techniques for meta-positive thinking, a fool-proof "success formula" and 5 "Brain Principles" to help you develop your body and mind to best advantage. In this accessible book, Buzan shows us how to use our minds to improve our health, physical performance and longevity. He also shows us how to use our bodies to achieve optimum mental performance. His "Bodythinking techniques", diagrams, illustrations, Mind Maps and instructions, aim to help you dramatically improve your life.

Lady Mary Tovey Writes...

If the purpose of a self-help book is to inform, summon up one's creative juices, stimulate, entertain, and lead one to a new approach to life, then this book is a giant among such books.

It informs through its many scientific facts about the brain and body. It appeals to one's creative abilities through its description of the brain and its synergetic nature, and includes descriptions of a creativity game and mind mapping. It is stimulating to read of wonderful thinking tools such as meta-positive thinking and TEFCAS, a real success formula. And entertaining in that the author includes marvellous illustrations of positive outcomes from the many techniques explained in the book.

As a recently graduated teacher of the Alexander Technique, I am particularly pleased to see that he has included a section on this in his book.

It is beautifully presented with lots of Mind Maps used to summarise its content. In short, this is one of the best books Tony Buzan has written so far, if not the best, on mental and physical literacy - a positive feast for mind and body!