An Introduction to Thinking Skills & Memory Techniques
in Education

Presented by Phil Chambers

This two disc DVD set offers a practical guide for teachers wanting to introduce thinking skills into their lessons. Exercises and detailed examples cover Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, Clustering, Force Field Analysis, Six Thinking Hats, Super Study Skills and a range of Memory Techniques.

Worksheets accompanying the DVD for use by staff are included and may be freely copied by the purchasing organisation.

In addition to the DVDs you will receive a CD-ROM (or if preferred a binder with OHP transparencies - Please specify your preference when ordering). This comprises notes for teachers on each of the thinking and memory techniques with practical curriculum specific examples that can be immedaitely used in the classroom. Each purchasing school or college is granted a license to reproduce the materials for use within their organisation.

The programme also includes telephone or e-mail support in applying the technqies for a period of three months after purchase. Any member of staff can call during office hours for personal guidence or advice from World Mind Mapping Champion, Phil Chambers.
(e-mails will as far as possible be answered within 24 hours).

Note: the clips below have reduced sound and picture quality to decrease the time to download.
Despite this, it is strongly advised to only view these if you have broadband internet access.
Your computer will require the ability to play Quicktime Movies.

Click here to view the introduction to the DVD.

Click here to view a short excerpt from the programme.

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