How To Train Your Memory
By Phil Chambers

How To Train Your Memory Cover image

Do you struggle to remember people's names at social events or business networking meetings? How often do you forget where you left your keys or your phone? Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why?

A leading memory expert, Phil Chambers shows you how to make these lapses a thing of the past. With how to: train your memory, find out how to have facts and figures at your fingertips. Give speeches from memory, remember all your passwords, rapidly learn foreign language vocabulary and make studying easier, more rewarding and fun. Written in simple step-by-step fashion, with lots of exercises and examples, you will be guided from absent-mindedness to memory mastery.

Discover techniques and exercises that make it simple to:

  • memorize names, speeches and passwords
  • build and improve relationships
  • stretch and strengthen your mind
  • increase your creativity
  • make study and revision more rewarding

192 pages


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