LTL Trainers Sweep the Board at Mind Sports Olympiad.

The 2001 Mind Sports Olympiad held at South Bank University, London , 18-27 August saw great success from the LTL training team.

All three medals in the Mind Mapping event went to Learning Technologies Ltd trainers: Elaine Colliar won the Gold medal while Anne Jones picked up the Silver and Phil Chambers finished in third place with the Bronze.

Anne also won the Gold medal in the Speed Reading Championship, her fifth successive victory, making her the most successful Mind Sports Olympian ever in a single discipline. The Bronze medal in Speed Reading was won by Ken Wilshire, who was trained by LTL Director Phil Chambers.

Pictured Above, from the left: Vanda North
(Managing Director of Buzan Centres)
with medalists Phil Chambers, Anne Jones
and Elaine Colliar.