The Memory Yearbook 2008
Edited by Phil Chambers & Chris Day

Memory Yearbook

The World Memory Sports Council, the governing body for the Mind Sport of Memory, is proud to announce the publication of the very first Memory Yearbook 2008. For anyone involved in the sport at a competitive level, this new book is an essential.

Every memory competition recognised by the WMSC is included with the results from each discipline. The full World Rankings are included as are the list of all Grand Masters of Memory.

There are articles from and about the top memorisers in the world plus essential information for anyone wanting to organise a memory competition, including a detailed description of each of the ten memory disciplines.

There are reports on the year from the National Memory Sports Councils around the world complete with many photographs of competitions and the personalities in the sport. If you have participated in a memory competition during 2007, you are in the book! The book also looks back at the way the sport first started with articles for the two founders, Ray Keene OBE and Tony Buzan.

There is also information on becoming a member of the International Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters.



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