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ISSUE 14 - August 2006 - by Phil Chambers

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Welcome to the August issue of the Learning Technologies Newsletter, Please continue to forward it to friends and colleagues who you think would find it useful.

This month, as well as our regular quote of the month and Mind Mapping tip, we preview the World Memory Championships and a
not-to-be-missed TV show on memory to be shown later this month

August's Quote of the Month

"We all have our time machines.
Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams ."

Jeremy Irons

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Mind Mapping Tip of the Month

Pin or 'blu tack' Mind Maps to the walls of you bedroom or office - Wherever you will see them regularly. This is especially important for exam revision and goals Mind Maps. You can review the Mind Maps in idle moments (for example if your call is held in a queue on the phone). You can review an entire, highly detailed Mind Map in 90 seconds.

For another 100 tips on Mind Mapping see "101 Top Tips for Better Mind Maps" by Phil Chambers, available from our online shop, click here.

World Memory Championships - Preview by the Chief Arbiter

It's nearly that time of year again when the best mnemonists in the world come together to do battle for the title of World Memory Champion - this year taking place at Imperial College, London.

This is the 15th time the tournament has been held and promises to be one of the most exciting yet. Last year Clemens Mayer for Germany took the title with Dr Gunther Karsten, also from Germany, in silver medal position and Joachim Thaler from Austria winning bronze. National pride is at stake this year as British competitor Ben Pridmore (World ranked number one and winner in 2004) attempts to bring the cup back to the UK



Pridmore blamed his fourth place last year on the fact that he had been training for an attempt on the Guinness World Record for memorisation of the most digits of the number pi and hadn't planned on entering the World Championship until the last minute. This year he has been training hard, aware that following Andy Murray's defeat at Wimbledon and the World Cup Team's performance against Portugal earlier in the summer, the Nation's sporting hopes are riding on him.

Other nationalities competing include - Australia, Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa.



China promises to become a Memory Superpower in the coming few years. Something predicted by 8 times former Champion, Dominic O'Brien, several years ago. The first Chinese National Memory Championships took place in Shanghai in 2005 which saw a number of competitors reaching Grand Master Level in one of three disciplines needed to gain this highest accolade in Memory. So far the organisers have received over 20 entries from China - The biggest representation from a single country ever.

Will Ben Pridmore overcome German supremacy? Will the Chinese conquer the rest of the World? Battle commences on 19th August and concludes on 21st .

See www.worldmemorychampionships.com for more details and live results during the Championships.

The One to Watch





For those readers in the UK, set your VCRs to BBC1 on Wednesday 9th August at 8:00pm. This is the transmission time of what the press release calls an 'Interactive Special' - "How to Improve your Memory". Hosted by avuncular Lord Robert Winston known for his landmark series such as "The Human Body" and "Child of Our Time" and Clinical Psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, presenter of " Little Angels" on BBC Three. Contributors include Tony Buzan and Dominic O'Brien who will help a teacher who can't remember the names of his pupils, the amateur gardener for whom horticultural exams are a real struggle and the singer who forgets his lyrics. There are opportunities to test your memory and see how you compare to 100 volunteers who put their memories to the test in the 'Memory Manor'.

For full details visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/memory/programme.shtml

That's all for this month. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.