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ISSUE 125 - February 2016 - by Phil Chambers

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Welcome to the February issue of The Learning Technologies Newsletter. Please continue to forward it to friends and colleagues who you think would find it useful.

This month we have a valentine themed article on how to stay happy and healthy by showing your brain a little love. As usual we have our regular features of Quote of the month, Mind Mapping Tip and What I’m up to.

Are You Linked-In?

If you have a linked-in account you may be interested in a new group. It has only just launched so has a tiny membership. I think it will quickly grow. “This Group’s purpose is to spread the word about MindMapping and give others the opportunity to learn more about the benefits its methods can bring to every aspect of life. Here we can all volunteer tips and ask questions helping each other to learn and expand on MindMapping knowledge and experience.” Cick here.


February's Quote of the Month

"It is a mark of intelligence,
no matter what you are doing,
to have a good time doing it"

~ Anon

More quotes here


Mind Mapping Tip of the Month

Remember that each line should only have a single word or image on it. Phrases destroy the structure of a Mind Map. The single key words that you use are only meant to act as triggers to recall concepts and information. Breaking up a phrase into its constituent words allows each to be expanded upon. If the purpose of your Mind Map is for creative thought then single words will stimulate many more ideas.

What's Phil Up To?

Phil Chambers

I was working with Tony Buzan teaching new ThinkBuzan licensed instructors in Henley-upon-Thames at the end of January.

I will spend most of February working on a new book. More news to follow….




Love Is In The Air

Valentine' Day


It is just over a week until Valentine's Day when love will be in the air and retailers selling flowers and chocolates. With valentines in mind this month I thought I would talk about the importance of loving your brain. Whist flowers, cards and gifts are lovely to receive, if your life is out of balance you won’t be happy. Stress, which can be thought of as “dis-ease”, is very damaging to the brain. You need to give it a bit of TLC every so often. Here are four tips to take care of your mental wellbeing.


Your brain needs simulation. Lifelong learning is important to keep your brain in tip-top condition. It isn’t particularly important what you learn as long as it stretches you. It could be a foreign language, how to play better chess, or even creative writing. Whatever you are passionate or just curious about. However, before you embark on a course of study it is important to learn how to learn. Mind Mapping and memory techniques will make a massive difference to your effectiveness.


Take ownership of your life. Celebrate and be proud of your successes and own up to your mistakes. Don’t blame others or external circumstances for wrong decisions or unwise actions. It is perfectly OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. How many times did you fall over as a baby when you were learning to walk? If you gave up at the first mistake you’d still be crawling.


Value and be thankful for what you have in life. Your friends, family, a safe secure home and enough to eat. So many people in the World don’t have these necessities. Too often people take what they have for granted and focus on what they lack or want. Happiness doesn’t stem form ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. How do you value success? Is it primarily material or spiritual?


I recommend the book “FISH!” by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen. It is classic management book advocating a positive attitude for a more productive, energetic and happy workplace inspired by Seattle's world famous fish market. It makes a very valid point, “You can love the work you do even if you can't always do work that you love.” Approach whatever you do with a joyful attitude. Your emotional state is always your choice, why choose to be miserable?

Love and nourish your brain and life will be easier and happier. Don’t forget your other loved one on 14th!

That’s all for this month. Look out for the next newsletter in March.

Best Wishes