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ISSUE 49 - July 2009 - by Phil Chambers


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Welcome to the July issue of the Learning Technologies Newsletter. Please continue to forward it to friends and colleagues who you think would find it useful.

The main article this month focuses on The UK Schools Memory Championships Final.


What's Phil Up To?

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I have recently returned from the Final of the Schools Memory Championships. Now having had a day to recover I have included a report in this newsletter.

Also on the subject of memory, I was recently interviewed for Memory-Sports.com about the history and future of the Sport of Memory. You can read the interview here.


Mind Mapping Tip of the Month

If you are delivering a seminar away from your workplace, for example in a hotel, make a Mind Map of all the equipment and materials that you need. Highlight each item on the Mind Map as you pack your bags or load your car. This is much more effective than writing a linear list. The Mind Mapping process will generate more thoughts and hence a more complete and detailed list, thereby ensuring that you don’t forget any vital piece of kit. (This is especially useful for a Memory Competition like the one we have just staged)

For more tips see '101 Top Tips for Better Mind Maps'.


July's Quote of the Month


"Memory is the mother of all wisdom"

Ancient Greek Dramatist and Playwright known as the founder of Greek tragedy, 525-456 BC

More Quotes Here


School Report - Eva Ball, A Star

Eva The second UK Schools Memory Championships came to a climax with the National Final at Saints Rugby Ground in Northampton on Tuesday. With 108 children from schools across the UK competing, this was the largest Memory Championships in the World, ever!


The event was the culmination of a year’s work by The UK Memory Sports Council and Inspire Education Ltd. Each school involved received a half day’s training for pupils in memory techniques. After several weeks’ practice in lessons, after school or lunchtime clubs pupils took part in a competition in their school, the winners from which were at the final. In total over 60 schools took part with almost 1,700 children trained.

The competition consisted of 5 rounds with students memorising words, numbers, dates, binary digits and playing cards. In the early years of the World Memory Championships, the standard of competition exploded exponentially and the same thing is now happening in schools. Every discipline saw a new schools’ record:

Discipline Record Competitor Previous record
Random Words 155 Joe Sidebotham 98
Numbers 96 Inez Gill 69
Dates 17 Peter Collins 13
Binary Digits 105 Craig Nunn 99
Playing Cards 23 Daisy Peck & Amandeep Chumber 22


The overall medallists were:

Bronze : Joe Sidebotham (778 points)
Silver: Amandeep Chumber (785 points)
Gold: Eva Ball (900 points

Despite not winning any of the disciplines, Eva Ball demonstrated consistently good performance across all tests giving her a commanding lead in the final scores. You can read more and see a video of the prize-giving ceremony here.

That’s it for this month. Look out for the next newsletter at the beginning of August and feel free to be in touch in the meantime.

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