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ISSUE 36 - June 2008 - by Phil Chambers



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Welcome to the June issue of the Learning Technologies Newsletter, Please continue to forward it to friends and colleagues who you think would find it useful.

This month's main article is a free copy of the first chapter of 'The Student Survival Guide' on the subject of memory, plus we have the regular Mind Map tip and quote of the month.

Mind Mapping Tip of the Month

Connect your main branches directly to the central image. Do not leave a gap around the centre – This wastes space and disrupts the connected flow of ideas.

For more tips see '101 Top Tips for Better Mind Maps'


June's Quote of the Month

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

• John Dewey (1859 – 1952) American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer.

The Student Survival Guide (Second Edition)

Student Survival Guide

The second edition of our popular book ‘The Student Survival Guide’ has just been published.

It is designed to help students succeed in school and university with ease and is written in a style that uses what we know about how the brain works. As a reader of our newsletter, you are the first to know about a special offer.

The usual price of the book is £15 but we are offering a special launch price of £10. This is only available until 10th June, after which time it will revert to the normal price.

Click here to download a free copy if the first chapter. (17 page PDF File, 2.1MB)

Click here to visit out shop page where you can order your copy at the special price.


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