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ISSUE 110 - September 2014 - by Phil Chambers

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Welcome to the September issue of The Learning Technologies Newsletter. Please continue to forward it to friends and colleagues who you think would find it useful.

This month we have a story about the importance of a good memory inspired by the celebrity hacking story in the news this week, plus our regular features of Quote of the month, Mind Map Tip and What I’m up to.


September's Quote of the Month

"Creativity is as important as literacy"

~ Sir Ken Robinson
(English author, speaker and international advisor on education)

[and the art of memory gives birth to creativity]

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Mind Map Top Tip of the Month

Work according to your preferred processing style: If you are a holistic learner and like to see the big picture first, filling in the details later, begin by drawing all the main branches. If, on the other hand, you are a more sequential learner, draw the first branch and develop its sub-branches before moving onto the second. Remember you can always go back and add to a branch if you think of something that relates to it.

101 Top Tips for Better Mind Maps

What's Phil Up To?

Phil Chambers

The UK Open Memory Championships was very exciting with Ben Pridmore just retaining his title of UK Memory Champion. The overall Open title was won by Milan Ondrašovic from Slovakia with a sub-30-second memorisation time for a deck of cards. You can watch highlights here.

I am still working on preparations and promotion for my course, “Easy Steps to Memory Mastery”

I was involved in a television programme covering the final of the Schools Memory Championships. I am not allowed to give you details until the broadcast date is announced. Watch this space!

Next week I will be running Speed Reading Training in Frankfurt, Germany.


Memory is Vital

Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”


Having too much information to remember or manage is an issue born of the information age – A problem created by information technology. Creating apps that store information for you is a good example of trying to solve a problem with the type of thinking that created it.

A big story in the news today concerns the hacking of celebrity cloud accounts leading to the release of intimate photographs that they would rather had been kept private. Clearly data security is an ever more important issue and the use of complex passwords is vital in protecting personal data, be that photographs or banking details.

Having a different password for each account means you have to remember them all and keep them secret. So you cannot abdicate use of your memory by entrusting it to your mobile storage devices.

Memory is vital to all complex animal life. Bees remember sources of nectar and navigate their way back to the hive. Mammals learn form their parents how to survive in tough habitats. Migratory birds and butterflies remember complex routes covering thousands of miles. Eels and salmon can find their way back to exactly the same place where they were born to spawn and perpetuate the species.

British novelist S. J. Watson in his book ‘Before I go to sleep’ wrote, “What are we, if not an accumulation of our memories?” This is certainly true. Tony Buzan talks about what would be left if someone could suck out your memory. You would not know who you were, where you were. You would not recognise friends and loved ones. It would be impossible for you to walk, talk, understand language or to feed yourself. You would regress to the helplessness of a newborn baby. Without memory the word ends – nothing happens.

Creativity and Memory are inextricably linked. Improving your memory trains you to make connections and associations. This is the essence of innovation and creative thinking. The consequence is that your creativity is without limit. It is infinite.

Knowing how important memory is for safety and survival it amazes me how little most people do to protect or nurture it. An investment in memory is an investment it the essence of who you are. When you develop your memory you dramatically improve your life. Studying anything becomes easy, you work more efficiently, freeing up more time to do what you enjoy or spend with the people precious to you. You become more popular because you remember other people and what matters to them. All the stress, frustration and angst concerned with forgetting melts away.

You can learn Easy Steps to Memory Mastery on my upcoming course.

The 40% Early Bird discount expires at the end of this week so book now before the price goes up!

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That's all for this month. Look out for the next edition in October.

Best Wishes