Quote for April 2001


Once upon a time a snail was lying on its side in a hospital bed. Along came the doctor, who was a badger. The badger said, 'You don't look at all well. What happened to you?' The snail, rather woefully, relayed his story. 'It all began' he said 'when I was trying to cross a road. I remembered that I should look left and right and did so for two hours. During that time the coast was clear, so I set off. No sooner had I got on to the road when, out of nowhere, moving at tremendous speed comes this tortoise - and runs me over'

Our own perception may be that a tortoise is slow - but maybe that's not the case from the snail's-eye view!



"Perception is reality in the eyes of the perceiver"


Rikki Hunt
(from "Creating A Thinking Organization")


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