Quote for June 2000

"Within our brains, there are some hundred billion neurons.
To get an idea of just how big a hundred billion is, the Amazon
rain forest offers an appropriate analogy. The Amazon rain
forest stretches for 2,700,000 square miles and it contains about
a hundred billion trees. There are about as many trees as
neurons in the brain. But the metaphor need not stop there:
if we now consider the huge number of connections between
neurons, then we could say that there are about as many leaves
on the trees in the Amazon jungle. It is virtually impossible to
imagine on a global scale the fervour of chemical and electrical
activity, even if only 10 per cent of our hundred billion neurons
were signalling at any one moment."


Susan Greenfield
(Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford University
& Director of the Royal Institution)

Quote taken from "The Human Brain A Guided Tour"
Published by Weidenfield & Nicholson, 1997
ISBN 0 297 81692 6


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