Quote for May 2001


Though luck is a thing you can wait for,

Just hoping the future will change,

Good fortune is really a shy one

Each meeting you have to arrange.

Tomorrow can come and then vanish,

Its vast possibilities gone,

If you avoid each day's potential

And let it slip by with a yawn.

There's always some risk when you're trying,

Some failure for those who set goals;

But no one was meant to be perfect,

And learning is one of life's roles.

Luck is a force you must work for

Tomorrow's a gift you must find.

Today is the first step you're taking

Toward a future that's better defined.

Good fortune will never embrace you

If you sit there sulking or smug.

But seek it; pursue it; and reach out to find it;

And give every setback a shrug.



Bruce B Wilmer


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