Remember Remember Review

If you want a book that covers a lot of memory theory and then leaves you to apply it to your life, then this is not the book for you. Neither will it teach you how Ed Cooke became a Grandmaster of Memory in the World Memory Championships.

However if you believe, as Ed does, that everyone should know basic facts such as the names of English monarchs, Prime ministers, American presidents and countries of Europe but struggle to learn such things then you must buy this book.

The book takes you on weird and wonderful adventures with Ed as your guide meeting various characters that correspond to the data to be learned along the way. The book is delightfully quirky, liberally illustrated with cartoons and shows Ed’s characteristic wit and imagination.

One of the innovations of the book is the way that at the end of each section Ed re-traces his journey, acting as a useful review but also adding additional information on each of the characters to help build a deeper knowledge.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the book and wish Ed every success with it and his other enterprises.

Published buy Viking ISBN 978-0-670-91785-3 priced at £12.99 (available for £7.97 at Amazon)

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