The Learning Revolution
By Gordon Dryden & Dr Jeannette Vos
(Hardback 2nd edition & free CD-ROM)

As the world races into the 21st century an amazing new-style revolution is starting to sweep the planet.

It's linking the modern marvels of mind and brain research with the power of instant electronic communication. And that combination has the power to transform our lives as no other revolution in history.

This book tells the story of that learning revolution. Firstly, of the breakthroughs that are already transforming families, companies, communities and schools. But then, more importantly, it spells out the shape of things to come and the alternative models we can use to usher in an age of potential plenty.

An earlier edition has already become an international best-seller in countries as diverse as Sweden and New Zealand.

But this superb new enlarged edition is even more breathtaking in its scope, bold in its analysis, yet simple in its clarity.

Its very format is a guide to the revolution it expounds. Its authors invite you to turn first to page 4 and quickly learn how you can skim-read the entire book in 15 to 30 minutes.

And then they invite you to turn to page 26 and "prove it to yourself" as you learn to count from one to ten in Japanese - in two minutes.

But this is no simple do-it-yourself guidebook. It is that rare combination: a book fastidiously researched yet presented as crisp and clean as an electronic beep.

534 pages

"Wow! The most inspiring and informative book on the brain and accelerated learning that I have ever read. Bound to become a classic."
Diane Loomans, President of Global Learning, San Diego, California

"The Learning Revolution has given me and my wife more ideas to help our children than I have gathered together in 15 years of workshops on teaching. And its unique format enables you to speed-read the book in about 15 minutes."
Graham Hookey, Canadian school principal

"A truly brilliant interactive passport to the 21st century."
Ingemar Svantesson, Publisher, Sweden

"This is the book that I wish I had written."
Sir Christopher Ball, Learning Director, British Royal Society of Arts

"The whole concept of education and learning needs to be reinvented. This brilliantly shows us how."
Charles Handy, author of he Age of Unreason

"One of the most important books of the decade. With Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Learning Revolution has become one of our two main guidebooks in helping to transform 44,000 staff into an active learning organization."
John Hoerner, Chief Executive, Britain's Burton-Debenhams Group

"If today every parent and every teacher alive read this book, the world would change for the better by tomorrow."
Glenn Doman, author of Teach Your Baby To Read

"Absolutely superb. Inspirational and exciting in that it presents very practical suggestions about doing something now!"
Raymond A. Daley, Principal, St. Ives School, Sydney, Australia

"Simply the best book I have seen about modern teaching methods. An outstanding overview and practical guide."
David A. Perry, Chairman, Overseas Family School, Singapore

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