Our Team

Our team of trainers and associate trainers, as well as being excellent communicators, are people who have successfully used the techniques they teach at the highest international level.


Phil Chambers - Founder and Managing Director of Learning Technologies and Reigning World Mind Mapping Champion.

Phil Chambers is a ThinkBuzan Master Trainer, trained by Tony Buzan (Originator of Mind Mapping) and Vanda North (Founder of Buzan Centres), a Registered Accelerated Learning trainer, a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Prior to entering the training profession Phil worked as a computer programmer and has an honours degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Durham. Drawing on this scientific background, he is one of the few people to successfully apply Mind Mapping to I.T. training and mathematics.

Phil is Chief Arbiter of the World Memory Sports Council, scorer and statistician at the UK and World Memory Championships as well as overseeing national memory competitions around the world. He was a founder member of the Mind Sports Council and the only person to win the Brain Trust's "Special Services to Memory" award twice (1996 an 2010).

He is the reigning and twice World Mind Mapping Champion, a six times Mind Sports Olympiad Medallist an International Grand Master of Mind Mapping.


He is co-author of "A Mind to do Business" and "The Student Survival Guide" with Elaine Colliar; "The Memory Yearbook 2008" and "The Memory Arbiters' Handbook" with Chris Day, "How to Remember Equations and Formulae" with James Smith and sole author of "101 Top Tips for Better Mind Maps", and "Brilliant Speed Reading".

His Mind Maps feature extensively in Tony Buzan's "The Mind Map Book", "Use Your Head" and "Mind Maps for Business". He has also had input into "The Memory Book", "The Speed Reading Book", Teach Yourself GCSE Revision and Literature Guides, "The Learning Revolution" and "Teaching Pupils How to Think". Phil has worked as a consultant on "Max Your Brain" and "Train Your Brain to be a Geunis".

Phil Chambers


Elaine Colliar - Former World Mind Mapping Champion

Elaine Colliar is five times World Mind Mapping Champion, former Mind Sports Olympiad Champion and an International Grand Master of Mind Mapping. She wears her Gold Medals with pride as she continues to host seminars in Mind Mapping, Memory and Mental Literacy around the world.

As a dyslexic, trained by the Buzan Centre several years ago, Elaine specialises in introducing these techniques, not only to Multi-National Companies but to the educationally disenfranchised everywhere she is invited.

She is a Master Trainer, specialising in Financial Literacy and investment training.

She was also involved in the production of the Teach Yourself GCSE and A-Level Revision Guides.

 Elaine Colliar


Bridget Hanna - Occupational Psychologist & Working Styles Analysis Expert

Bridget has spent much of her life working to understand and improve learning processes. She has worked and studied with many leaders in the field of learning technologies including Tony Buzan (Mind Maps, Memory, Range Reading), Tony Robbins (NLP), Stephen Covey (Seven Habits and Leadership), Barbara Prashnig (Learning Styles Analysis) and Bobbi DePorter (Supercamp, Quantum Learning). She has spoken at national conferences such as the British Dyslexia Association Conference and the Alliance of Accelerated Learning. As a psychologist she is perhaps well placed to be able to assess the merits of a particular approach.

Bridget's current projects include researching learning at a PhD level, writing and training. Bridget is a qualified teacher, NVQ assessor and examiner in Psychology for Edexcel, who incorporates Accelerated Learning and Learning Styles into her work.

 Bridget Hanna