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Case Studies

Case Studies

Many businesses and individuals have benefited from Phil Chambers training and coaching. Here are just a few examples of where brain-friendly techniques have resulted in supercharged performance and achievement.

CASE STUDY: Barry O'Connor

Profession: IT, Founder dot.Net Specialists

Course: 3 day Tony Buzan Speed Reading Course

As a software developer, Barry O’Connor became aware of a shift in the way he needed to work due to increasingly rapid advances in technology. Rather than being able to rely on one manual to help him create programs for any of the software platforms available and to address any technical issues he could encounter, he noticed himself constantly needing to refer to many publications in order to keep up.

Thinking that even a modest improvement in his reading speed would be beneficial, he enrolled on a Tony Buzan Speed Reading Course presented by Phil.

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"I was amazed at the results, as my reading speed improved from 148 words per minute to 1,000 words per minute! During the course, I used my newfound ability to read a 4,000 page technical manual in an hour – which resulted in a new level of reading enjoyment coupled with enhanced comprehension of the content."

CASE STUDY: St Claire Thornhill


Profession: Business Analyst

Course: Speed Reading and MindMapping®

St Claire used Phil’s courses to help him obtain his Chartered Institute of Professional Accountancy qualification. His aim was to get qualified more quickly and be more productive, whilst striking an effective work life balance. He found one part of the qualification – Accounting for Decision Making (ADM) – particularly challenging, especially the volume of syllabus material. He identified that he needed to gain the ability to read large amounts of information quickly while increasing his comprehension.

He enrolled on a Speed Reading course that also incorporated Mind Mapping® – something his CIPFA Tutors had suggested would be a useful exam technique for revision.

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During the exam, I was able to read the questions quickly and comprehend what was required easily, which helped in the selection of 4 questions to complete. This reading and comprehension proved crucial in the latter part of the exam. Essentially, I was running out of time and I had to choose one out of 2 questions. My Speed Reading skills helped me to reread these questions quickly and the preparation done using the Mind Mapping® techniques helped me to choose the one that was less time consuming to complete in the remaining exam time.

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The addition of the Speed Reading and Mind Mapping® skills as well as the preparation of various lists relating to possible exam questions enhanced my chances of passing ADM. Now that I have passed ADM, I have achieved the CIPFA Professional Accountancy Qualification (PAQ) – DIPLOMA resulting in me being recognised as a part-qualified Accountant. I will continue to use the Speed Reading and Mind Mapping® skills during my preparation for the final exam to enhance my chances of being successful in achieving the CIPFA PAQ.

CASE STUDY: Tony Bukhari

Profession: Debt Management Specialist

Course: Mind Mapping® and Memory Techniques.

Tony worked with Phil to help him manage his legal studies effectively, and used Mind Mapping® and Memory techniques to enable him to be able to recall the vast amount of case law required. Tony needed to improve his productivity and gain a faster, deeper knowledge of the material.

Law books
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Whilst my Mind Mapping® skills – insofar as drawing - were poor (they still are), I understood them, which is all that counts. After a short while, I was at the point where my study notes for complex subjects were reduced to drawings on cards. I am pleased to say, that I received unprecedented grades.

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From a work perspective, I need to continually study and remember cases. Try researching Section 6 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and you will see why this system of remembering exceeds traditional methods. You just need to take that leap of faith, and discard the ‘ye old faithful’ linear notes.


Mobile phone

Profession: Author, Professional Speaker, Former Chief Skype Enterprise Blogger, Former AT&T Editor-in-Chief for Networking Exchange Blog

Course: Speed Reading Individual Coaching

Understanding that a person’s success is often tied directly to the amount of useful information they know and can implement for practical benefit, Terry has utilised a number of techniques to help him gain a competitive advantage.

He has worked closely with Phil, in a coaching capacity, in order to improve his reading speed and level of retention.

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I've used several techniques to help and enjoy learning more all the time. I find that reading and retaining valuable information is much like physical exercise…if we don’t use it, practice with it and continually hone our skills… we lose it. It is imperative to continually train our brain and feed it with good quality, market-valuable information. Learning how to read rapidly and retain market-valuable information is imperative for the success-oriented person today. And besides that, it is a lot of fun!

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Did you know?

Your brain is a mass consisting of 78% water, 10% fat and around 8% protein. It weighs around 1.5 kg and it looks rather like a walnut. It also represents roughly 2% of your total bodyweight, but consumes 20% of your calories. The more you think, the more calories you burn.

(From "Use Your Head" by Tony Buzan)

What Our Clients Say

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I often forget stuff and put it down to galloping old age - listening to Phil Chambers not only helped me to understand why I forget to remember (yes that's right) he also explained some really simple, genius ways I could give my powers of memory a boost... Phil is brilliant, his teaching style is great fun and you'll leave knowing how to control your powers of recall.

Angi Egan

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Phil does a great presentation on mind mapping and memory skills.I have aways been a fan of Tony Buzan and a user of mind mapping but Phil puts it in across better and more memorable. Take a look your self and book him.

Philip Millard

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