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Merry Christmas Everyone

29 Dec 2018
Merry Christmas Everyone

It has become something of a tradition to create an annual Mind Map Christmas card. You can see this year’s by clicking here. I try to use as few words as possible and add visual puns. For example, “Season” is represented by salt and pepper and “a party tonight” by balloons and two knights.
You may be interested to know how was created:
I listen to the song a couple of times, read the lyrics and create a very fast hand drawn Mind Map to get ideas before turning to software.
Images from Shutterstock and other royalty free sources were edited and converted to .png files with transparent backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop. The Mind Map itself was created using iMindMap software. (Notice how I generally like to place Images overlapping branches, hence the reason why I needed them in .png file format). It was displayed in presentation mode, manually clicking to advance slides. This was recorded using Mac OS Mojave screen capture functionality. The resulting video was trimmed, audio added and rendered in Adobe Premiere. Finally uploaded to YouTube.