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Why Learning Technologies?

If any part of your organisation wasted 80% of its budget, you would want to know why, and make sure it didn't happen again. This is exactly what most training departments do year after year. Research shows that 80% of the detail from a traditional training course is forgotten within 24 hours, even if the delegates have been interested and concentrating during the course.

At Learning Technologies, we don't just deliver training, we deliver learning. By using Accelerated Learning methods and integrated review systems, you, your employees and colleagues can not only be confident of learning the techniques, but be able to easily remember them and put them into practice.

Phil Chambers

Our Courses

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Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner

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Tony Buzan Speed Reading Practitioner

Mind mapping

Tony Buzan Memory Practitioner

Phil Chambers also delivers:

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

Memory coaching

1 to 1 Coaching

Memory speaker

Speaking in Events

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping®

Described as the ‘Swiss Army Knife for the Brain', Mind Mapping® is a graphical technique devised by British Psychologist Professor Tony Buzan in the 1970s. It works in harmony with the way the brain works, in order to help organise ideas and thought processes.

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Speed Reading

Speed Reading

Speed-reading uses brain friendly techniques to help you assimilate, filter and recall written information efficiently. This helps give you two key advantages; either read more quickly in order to save time or use your time to read more!

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Memory improvement

Memory Improvement Techniques

With the help of creative memory techniques, you can learn to remember names and faces of clients with ease, have facts, statistics and report details at your fingertips, improve your performance and be more efficient.

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What Our Clients Say

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I often forget stuff and put it down to galloping old age - listening to Phil Chambers not only helped me to understand why I forget to remember (yes that's right) he also explained some really simple, genius ways I could give my powers of memory a boost... Phil is brilliant, his teaching style is great fun and you'll leave knowing how to control your powers of recall.

Angi Egan

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Phil does a great presentation on mind mapping and memory skills.I have aways been a fan of Tony Buzan and a user of mind mapping but Phil puts it in across better and more memorable. Take a look your self and book him.

Philip Millard

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Did you know?

Your brain is a mass consisting of 78% water, 10% fat and around 8% protein. It weighs around 1.5 kg and it looks rather like a walnut. It also represents roughly 2% of your total bodyweight, but consumes 20% of your calories. The more you think, the more calories you burn.

(From "Use Your Head" by Tony Buzan)

Our Clients

We work with corporations, businesses, public bodies and charitable organisations who want to improve productivity and creativity, and with individuals who are looking for tools to help them develop their potential. Some of our past clients include:

Cancer Research
Kent Police
Licester City Council
Nick Jones
Norwich Union
Software Sculptors
Surrey Council

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